The number of crypto scammers in Turkey is growing

Unfortunately, the number of frauds in the crypto industry has not been declining at all since the beginning of cryptocurrencies, and more and more cases are emerging each year where skilled fraudsters find a new way for people to steal their digital assets. This is also one of the main reasons why many people still stay away from the crypto industry because they simply do not want to lose their digital assets. However, the latest fraudsters in Turkey have literally overcome it, as fake Binance billboards have appeared all over the country, trying to deceive investors, which definitely does not add to the credibility of cryptocurrencies.

Understandably, the Turkish branch of Binance took legal action because the fraudsters pretended to be a company with a design on the subject of Binance, thereby damaging their name. These fraudsters act under the name “Binance Tourist Exchange” and even state the number on billboards that you can call. At the other end of the line is picked up by a person who pretends to be an employee of the largest crypto exchange in the world, Binance. Turkish investors who suspect that they have come into contact with fraudsters are advised to notify the authorities.