The popularity of the Bitcoin Lightning Network continues to grow rapidly

Bitcoin Lightning Network is constantly growing, as evidenced by statistics on capacity, number of channels and nodes, which is very pleasing information. It has been a long time since 2018, when Lightning Lab launched the first beta version of the Bitcoin Lightning Network implementation, but only this month we saw a significant increase in the number of nodes as well as network capacity.

As for the capacity of the Lightning network, thanks to Glassnode we can see the day before yesterday was the most successful day when we reached the new ATH at 2,783.77 BTC, which are locked in this network. The second most important indicator, which is also of interest and network security, is the number of nodes that reached their new ATH on 22 September, at 15,801. Finally, we cannot forget the number of Lightning Network channels that exceeded 70,000 this month with the new ATH. measured September 22 at 72,600.