The President of El Salvador celebrates 3 million users of the national BTC wallet

As you know, Bitcoin has not been an official legal tender in El Salvador for a month, and we already have other great news from this country. President Nayib Bukele once again informed the world via his Twitter that there is great interest in the Chivo wallet, thanks to which a large milestone has been reached, namely 3 million registered users in this wallet.

Just to give you an idea, the data from 2020 say that El Salvador has almost 6.5 million inhabitants, which means that up to 46.2% of Salvadorans already use the mentioned wallet. The BTC law came into force in El Salvador on September 7, and according to the latest statistics, it looks like a real revolution on the part of the population, which is really very interested in the use of this cryptocurrency. Let us also recall how Salvador deployed 200 BTC ATMs and 50 small offices across the country before the launch, where residents could learn more about BTC and Chivo’s wallet, which we consider to be one of the key decisions.