The SEC will determine whether the NFTs will be treated as securities

Perhaps the biggest global phenomenon last year was the NFT, which literally drove artists, companies and the general public crazy. Probably you also own some NFT, whether it is in the form of audio, graphics or, for example, virtual land. There is no doubt that the coming years will be very interesting for this skyrocketing sector, which is also understood by the SEC, which has recently decided to soon determine if NFTs are securities.

According to Bloomberg, the SEC plans to see if some NFTs could actually act as money-backing securities, just like traditional securities. The SEC has not provided any further details to date because it declined to comment on the ongoing investigation. Regulation of the industry as well was only a matter of time, but not everyone expected it to be so soon, given the sudden boom in the NFT industry. The public expected the regulators not to be able to react to a similar global phenomenon, but they seem to be catching up.