The seller of luxury private helicopters started accepting payments in BTC

Hill Helicopters started as a startup, specifically last July. From the very beginning, the word innovation has been constantly talked about in connection with the company’s name, thanks to the innovative ideas of the founders Jason and Sabrina Hill. The Rugeley-based startup in central England did not owe its reputation anything when it announced only a few days ago that it will accept payments for its helicopters in Bitcoin.

As you probably know, this is another of the many big and positive news for the crypto sphere, which clearly made the company good advertising, because as we know, everything related to cryptocurrencies can spread very quickly in crypto communities, thanks to which this company can find potential new customers. In fact, they did not have to wait long for their first transaction via Bitcoin, as these days they managed to receive the first payment in BTC for their HX50 model. The company’s founder and CEO did not hide his enthusiasm when he said that this first payment would be followed by dozens of other payments, mainly from private aircraft owners.