The survey showed how cryptocurrencies are taken between different groups of people

As you know, we are regularly informed about news from the world of cryptocurrencies, whether on the topic of CBDC, NFT, or the incorporation of cryptocurrencies into banks or institutions, thanks to which digital assets are getting closer to the everyday lives of the population. Block, Inc. (formerly known as Square) provided very interesting information about how people perceive cryptocurrencies and especially BTC according to their average income. The survey was conducted in collaboration with Wakefield Research and included 9,500 adults in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the APAC (Asia-Pacific) countries, each region containing at least one hundred people who already owned BTC.

As we wrote above, the results of this survey were quite interesting, as it turned out that although half of the respondents belonging to the category of “richer incomes” said that they would invest in cryptocurrencies for profit, only 38% of those with lower incomes Other results of the survey showed, for example, that 7% of respondents had never heard of cryptocurrencies, and 88% of those surveyed knew Bitcoin, and it was clear from this survey that digital assets were already well known to the general public.