The survey showed that if you invest in cryptocurrencies, the public perceives you as “more attractive”

Cryptocurrencies have entered the subconscious of almost everyone in recent years, as evidenced by the ever-expanding crypto industry. Additionally, a recent US-based Crypto Vantage survey found that investing in cryptocurrencies is likely to make a person perceived as “more attractive, smarter and wealthier than non-investors”. Additionally, individuals who were asked the question, “Does investing in cryptocurrency make you more attractive?” said they were more inclined to date a person if they had the word “cryptocurrency” in their dating profile.

In this survey in which 1002 Americans took part, it was further found that half of the women consider crypto-investors more attractive and up to 40% of men consider these investors more intelligent. More than three-quarters of respondents also said they would be interested in someone who mentioned being a crypto investor on a dating app, with 55% saying they were more likely to go on a date or meet someone. who invests in cryptocurrencies. So it seems that cryptocurrencies as such are quite a big attraction.