The two small miners had a very happy week

Cryptocurrency mining is a term that you have no doubt heard many times in recent years, and many of you are also mining cryptocurrencies directly. It is a process that works on the basis of the power of computer technology (powerful computers – miners), and today there are several ways to obtain this mining power. In other words, miners verify transactions that one user sends to another and receive a reward in the form of a new cryptocurrency. However, two small miners managed something last week that we could call a “crypto lottery” win.

“This is insane luck at work, and a very unusual event.”

To be more precise, according to Hass McCook, a member of the Bitcoin Mining Council, the chance of this is  1 in 1.4 million and it was beaten twice last week, with two different small miners able to mine a block of Bitcoins and each earning 6.25 BTC worth 270 000 USD. Although the probability is astronomically small, such a coincidence is not entirely impossible and two different miners can enjoy a really big bonus for performing their services.