The University of Tokyo will offer classes on the topic of the metaverse

As you know, last year, in addition to crypto-currencies and NFTs, there was a frenzy around the word “metaverse”, namely mainly because of Mark Zuckerberg, and even though nobody really knows what the metaverse will look like yet, many people, including us, are looking forward to it. This topic should not be ignored by anyone, which the University of Tokyo (Todai) apparently believes, as it launches several study programs in the Metaverse later this year, aimed at giving more people the skills to handle digital transformation and advanced technology.

According to the latest information from the local news outlet The Asahi Shimbun, the courses mentioned above will be aimed at high school students and adults in the workplace, with students receiving certificates upon successful completion. In addition, university students and employees will also have the opportunity to study several online courses, such as artificial intelligence (AI), next-generation communication technologies, and entrepreneurship education. This is one of the other examples of how quickly humanity can adapt when a new technology arrives.