The US bank, with total assets of almost $2 trillion, will allow investments in Bitcoin

Only recently have we learned that J.P. Morgan launched a fund within BTC for its private clients, which, combined with other major fundamental reports, led to the growth of the entire cryptocurrency market. This time we have another Wells Fargo bank with total assets of almost $2 trillion, which has decided to allow its clients to invest in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. . This is really great news, and there is still not much time since J.P. Morgan and today we have another world-renowned bank here, which has also decided to bet on Bitcoin.

Coindesk confirmed that Wells Fargo was to register his private bitcoin fund last Thursday. After reviewing Wells Fargo’s documents, JPMorgan followed suit and selected NYDIG as a partner to secure and thoroughly manage the new fund. Wells Fargo also works with FS Investments to offer bitcoin investments. With total assets of $1,955 trillion and 268,531 employees (2020), Wells Fargo is clearly one of the largest institutions to choose to exploit the potential of cryptocurrencies. Surely you’ve noticed that lately it’s been one big news after another, and we’re really curious as to how far such news can shoot the price of Bitcoin or the market as a whole.