The US SEC has officially approved the first ETF focusing on the crypto industry

Every day, great news comes from the world within the crypto industry, and today, once again, is no exception. This time we have information that the US Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the ETF with a focus on the crypto industry. This is huge news, and many crypto enthusiasts did not believe that something like this would ever become a reality.

„The Fund is an actively managed exchange-traded fund (ETF) that seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing a majority of its net assets in U.S. and foreign companies with exposure to bitcoin and its supporting infrastructure.

Volt Equity LLC, which is adding this new BTCR ETF to its portfolio to its four other technical and cyber security ETFs, respectively, filed an application with the SEC and began the approval process in June this year. Tad Pak, founder, and CEO of Volt Equity, added to Insider that the ETF will be on the NYSE over the next 3 weeks.