The USA took 1st place in the ranking of crypto countries with the friendliest attitude

We regularly bring you articles about new companies, institutions, or even new states that have an increasingly hostile or friendly attitude towards the increasingly growing crypto industry. Market analysis company Coinclub took a look at just such countries when it released its quarterly Crypto-Friendly Countries report. In his analysis, he states that the USA rose from 3rd place to 1st place, sharing the place with one of the strongest European economies, namely Germany.

This success can be attributed to US President Joe Biden, who signed a regulatory movement that promoted the safety and security of investors and encouraged people to invest in cryptocurrencies. For many years, the USA did not officially comment on the CBDC, i.e. the digital currency of the national bank, in this case, the digital dollar, which changed only recently. We also learned that countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Portugal, France, and Russia, with their crypto-friendly policies and economies, are catching up to the top of the rankings, and we’re curious to see what the rankings will look like over the next year.