The value of the Ukrainian crypto exchange has skyrocketed

Unfortunately, the current invasion of Ukraine continues and many countries are sending huge amounts of weapons, money or food to Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Russian currency is literally collapsing and currently even before the opening of the financial markets, the Russian bank Tinkoff has published a price list according to which it sells the US dollar for 171 rubles. At the same time, it was still sold for about 81 rubles on Friday. However, the value of the Ukrainian crypto exchange Kuna has skyrocketed and has tripled its market value since the beginning of the attack on Ukraine.

Even in these times, people turned to alternative funding in the form of cryptocurrencies, and it is interesting that this month the Ukrainian government legalized cryptocurrencies. At the time of writing, bitcoin is at the level of $37,250, and opinions on how its price will evolve, how a war will develop are different, and due to the great uncertainty, the institutions are not rushing to the market either. Only time will tell what will follow, but we believe that the conflict in Ukraine will end as soon as possible.