The world’s largest economies have agreed to improve cross-border payments also through the CBDC

It is still only a few hours since the G20 meeting took place in Venice, Italy, this time with finance ministers and central bank governors, not presidents. Of course, this is just a boring meeting for the general public, but this time we have great news for fans of cryptocurrencies.

Indeed, a number of views and acknowledgments of the need for digitization were expressed in the ongoing debate, as the G20 itself recognized that “advanced and well-functioning digital infrastructure is an important driver for economic recovery and will continue to promote cooperation between public and private investors to mobilize further investment”.

The CBDC subsequently came up with the issue, where the entire G20 as well as the Governor of the People’s Bank of China agreed and stressed that both the CBDC and global stable coins must meet the relevant legal and regulatory requirements, otherwise they will not be approved. It is therefore clear that in a few years everything will be digitized, as evidenced by the forthcoming digital euro.