The year 2021 was simply amazing for the crypto industry

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing every year, but this year has simply been amazing for the crypto industry. This year, there has been a record interest in the crypto, and the huge increase is clearly visible when we look at all the companies that have poured their funds into this sector in the last year. According to Bloomberg, the influx of cash into cryptocurrencies is approaching $30 billion.

“We’ve moved beyond just digital gold. We’ve got financial services, art, gaming as a subcategory of NFTs, Web 3.0, decentralized social media, play-to-earn.”

30 billion is a really huge number, but it should be mentioned that this number not only surpassed the previous record of 2018 ($ 8 billion) but exceeded it four times. In addition to the 1300% increase in Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the rocket-rising NFT also clearly helped, thanks to which the crypto industry in 2021 outperformed all previous years combined. The title of the best-earning NFT of the year goes to Michael Jordan, who has brought about $2.5 billion into the industry through his NFTs. As you can see, the popularity of the NFT is really gigantic.