Trading with the NFT is experiencing a boom

The NFT (A non-fungible token), about which we have written a lot in our book, is probably no longer a novelty for any of you, thanks to the growing popularity of this sector. However, the latest statistics from the first and at the same time largest market for this digital art show that more than 400,000 traders have already registered here. For better approximation, a trader is anyone who has performed at least one transaction on this platform.

The most popular NFTs at the time of writing are Art Blocks Curated, The Sevens (Official) and the well-known CryptoPunks, and if we look at the overall behavior of traders in more detail, we find that the highest turnover was recorded by the OpenSea platform on August 29. traded more than $ 300 million. It is more than clear that the NFT has a very promising future.