Ukraine has already received more than $ 50 million in cryptocurrencies

It is only one day that we also informed you that the largest crypto exchange, Binance, has donated $ 10 million to BTC in Ukraine, and today we have reports that the total amount sent from every possible party has already exceeded more than $ 50 million. It seems that the whole world has joined forces to help Ukraine and the crypto community seems to be no exception. In addition to BTC, the country has also recently started accepting payments in ETH, USDT, TRON and others. The following organizations receive digital financial assistance: the Ukrainian government, the Ukrainian non-governmental organization: Come Back Alive, UkraineDAO, Unchain.Fund and AidForUkraine.

While the crypto community is trying to help Ukraine as much as possible, it is more than clear how Russia perceives it. The crypto exchanges have so far refused to freeze Russian citizens’ wallets, but most recently, governments want to address this issue much more intensively in order to block this alternative form of payment for Russia. At the same time, many experts claim that the chances of Russia circumventing sanctions through cryptocurrencies are “very small”.