US Senator candidate promises Bitcoin to be “legal tender”

It has been said for several years that cryptomens will one day be part of the lives of ordinary people, but the real mass adoption has still not come, despite last year’s huge growth, which has still brought us closer to mass adoption. The US candidate for the Senate himself recently commented on this topic on this Twitter, where he made a relatively big promise to the public, as he said that if elected, his top priority would be for Bitcoin to become “legal tender”, which would practice meant that a digital asset would be legalized as the country’s official means of payment just as Bitcoin was legalized in El Salvador.

Of course, such a statement has also met with resistance precisely because cryptocurrencies are not yet generally accepted by the general public as a proper asset, and Bryan Solstin’s statement is currently rather unrealistic. Nevertheless, several recent public surveys and surveys have shown a positive trend in the perception of cryptocurrencies, especially among the younger generation in several parts of the world, and it is therefore minimally positive that more and more are being discussed. It is possible that Solstin is trying to reach this particular group of the population, so in the next election we could see how big this group is.