Vitalik Buterin: I believe that gradually Elon Musk will no longer have such an influence on the crypto market

As you know, in the last weeks to months, Elon Musk is criticized by many people and we think we can say that rightly. The founder of Tesla or SpaceX uses his influence to manipulate the altcoin Dogecoin (DOGE), which he made more than 100x, and the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC), thus manipulating the entire market. The co-founder of the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) Vitalik Buterin, who is now also a member of the club of billionaires due to the growth of this cryptocurrency, also commented on this. In an interview with CNN, he described his feelings about this manipulation and how he perceives the current situation. Vitalik commented on this situation as follows:

“Elon Musk tweeting is something that the crypto space has only been introduced to for the first time literally last year and this year, — I think it’s reasonable to expect a bit of craziness. But I do think that the markets will learn. Elon is not going to have this influence forever.”

We can only agree with this statement of Vitalik Buterin. Everything is always new and after a while, it will be forgotten or at least a little eased in many cases. This is true of literally everything, and cryptocurrencies are no exception. At the end of the interview for CNN, Vitalik added that the world of crypto is simply amazing precisely because no company controls everything, such as Facebook or Twitter, which collect all the data about their users.