What will the US digital dollar look like?

As you know, yesterday we informed you that US President Biden ordered the government to start studying the digital dollar, its security, volatility and impact on the economy, which will finally make the United States a list of countries that are working hard on their official national digital currency. It is still quite a mystery why the world economy, such as the United States, is clearly interested in this topic only now that China, for example, is already testing the digital national currency and gradually applying it to the daily lives of its people. But what exactly does it look like?

The US dollar would continue to be issued by the US Federal Reserve, as are all US banknotes and coins now in use, but this time it would be in digital form. It is accessible to everyone, not only financial institutions. However, if the government decides to continue, which is expected of it, due to the late response, it may take literally several years before we see the digital dollar in circulation. The benefits of launching such a digital currency would be that it would, for example, reduce or even eliminate transaction fees. The banking system could thus be disrupted, as banks currently use customer deposits to lend to others and could have less money at their disposal with the digital dollar.