Which countries have the highest online traffic on crypto exchanges?

With the constantly growing crypto industry, the number of users on crypto exchanges is understandably growing, as it is still the primary way for investors to invest in the digital asset market. In the latest survey, which was created by Finbold, we had the opportunity to learn which countries have the highest online traffic on crypto exchanges. However, it should be added that due to a large number of different regulations in different countries, VPNs are increasingly being used, which will allow you to change your IP address from one country to another, which subsequently causes inaccuracy in the data provided and leads users to other countries.

According to the data provided, we were able to find out that up to 14.33% of the total global number of investors are from the USA, thanks to which they occupied the first place in this list. South Korea took second place with 6.51%, and Russia took third place with 4.87%. The fourth place was occupied by Turkey with 3.46%, while the top five is completed by Japan with 2.62%. As we can also see, the total activity of crypto exchanges worldwide in the last 90 days comes from only 20 countries. We will see how this ranking will change over time, due to the tightening or loosening of laws in individual countries.