Which other country could accept Bitcoin as the official legal tender?

As you know, last year has been unprecedented in terms of cryptocurrencies for a number of reasons. One of them was without debate that the country of El Salvador approved Bitcoin as the official legal tender, which greatly supported the overall growth of the crypto market as well as the overall adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide. However, many are already beginning to wonder which country could accept Bitcoin as the official legal tender, and we may have found the answer. Of course, there are several candidates on this list, but one of the most potential, if not the most potential, is the neighboring country of El Salvador, Honduras.

Honduras Prospera is a small area of the country founded in 2020, which should serve as an economic hub with its own autonomy to attract investors and entrepreneurs. To be more specific, it is located on the island of Roatan and is not only a tropical paradise but also a place for futuristic business. It is the representatives of Honduras Prospera who perceive the whole crypto industry very positively and see great positives in it. Although Roatan is the first of many such centers currently planned, the Central Bank of Honduras remains cautious about accepting cryptocurrencies as the official legal tender for the country as a whole. However, it will be interesting to follow this so-called “Honduran experiment”.