Which social network is the first to integrate Bitcoin?

In recent weeks or months, there has been a constant debate in the crypto sphere about which countries will approve Bitcoin as legal tender, or, for example, which countries will create their own central bank digital currency. However, more and more tips are emerging on which social network will be the first to integrate Bitcoin in the belief that Bitcoin will definitely become the currency of the Internet and, according to the latest information, it could be Twitter.

The CEO and co-founder of the social network Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has revealed that Bitcoin will be a large part of their company, as he believes that he is the most suitable candidate to become the main currency of the Internet. Jack is also a big fan of cryptocurrencies, and it’s no surprise that they’ve been planning this integration for some time, thanks to which they say that “people and companies could trade goods and services freely anywhere on the planet.”

Dorsey added that in addition to Twitter, there is another giant, Facebook, which is working on its own crypto project, Diem.