Will the blockchain be used in the war in Ukraine?

Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine still persists, and at the moment no one is sure that we are even at all approaching a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine. This senseless conflict, triggered by Russia, which literally fooles its citizens as well as the soldiers fighting in Ukraine with misinformation, is something we have not really expected in the territory of Europe in today’s modern times. However, blockchain technology could be very useful in the fight against misinformation thanks to a proposal presented by DFINITY’s CEO and founder, Dominic Williams.

Williams came up with a proposal detailing the use of blockchain technology to help combat Russian propaganda, using a $ 250 million crypto reward as an “incentive program.” This system should work so that verified Russian citizens would watch a video with details of the events of the Russian war in Ukraine, which would describe the real situation and the real face of Putin’s aggression. Just as a tracking reward, users would unlock access to a crypto-wallet, where they would receive BTC or ETH rewards. The condition would be for the user to watch the video from start to finish. We wonder how this proposal will turn out at all, as it is a very interesting idea that has the potential to deal a relatively large blow to Russian propaganda.