World first decentralized affiliate platform HOQU

Every day, several ICO projects will be created around the world. But most of them will never be successful. China or South Korea are some of the countries that do not allow them because a lot of fraudulent projects were created on the Ethereum platform. HOQU, however, at first glance marks something completely different and this idea can be literally revolutionary.

World first decentralized marketing platform HOQU, sought by Alexey Shmonov, allows traders and operators to trade directly without intermediaries and provides fair Smart Contracts based on Smart Contracts. The trader can create a sales contract where he sees the entire course. The contract is clear, secure and the entire process is based on Blockchain technology. Direct contact between the merchant and the operator without intermediaries, banks, payment systems or advertising agencies saves up to 45% of the money for traders. This solution does not exist elsewhere in the world.


How does it work?

The merchant will create a bid on the system, fill in the amount and conditions for closing the deal. Then the offer moves to intermediaries, who are marketing specialists, bloggers, process managers, and site owners. If the offer is interesting enough, it is moved to the masses by the operators. Operators also recommend a merchant and this way people get to him. Customer information is moved to Blockchain on the basis of intelligent regulatory fees. As a result, the trader will receive the money and the operators receive the fees they provide for a smart contract.

The HOQU platform also allows trading with any fair deals including “payment for sales”, targeted activities, phone calls, and installations. Blockchain technology used in certain sectors ensures and improves the transparency, reliability, and authenticity of contracts. And it opens up new prospects for the evolution of the HOQU platform.

Take, for example, the sale of real estate through the HOQU platform with details of the Blockchain registered agreement. The merchant registers and writes his offer to the HOQU system. The contract includes a fee under the agreement for sale, for example, 1% of the total amount received by the operators. Operators will get this contract to people and will refer them to the merchant. When a client purchases a property that is registered in Blockchain, the operator will receive a fee as agreed upon immediately after purchase. By doing so, the trader spends considerably less money on advertising/promotion. The HOQU platform will be used for any sale that will be registered in Blockchain technology. These include insurance, car sales, banking services, gambling or any other service.

We give a chance to this platform. This article serves as a presentation of the project. If you would like to know more about this project, do not hesitate to visit their official site. The co-founder of this platform, Roman Kaufman, said: “Sooner or later, Blockchain technology will be virtually everywhere, and it will trigger huge sales of digital products and services.” We agree with him. We wish you a nice day and a successful investment.

Štart ICO začíná 30. októbra o 9 ráno v časovom pásme EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) ktoré je 6 hodín pozadu od nás.