Youtube users will be able to buy videos (NFT)

As we informed you last time, the Youtube platform does not hide its great ambitions in the meta version, where, according to the latest information, it wants to participate in the creation of interactive games. As Youtube’s head of product department Neal Mohan reported on the platform’s official blog about a number of major plans for 2022. Mohan added that blockchain and NFT technology are the gateway to a much deeper relationship with the platform’s users in connection with Web 3.0.

According to the head of Youtube’s product department, thanks to NFT, people will have “a verifiable opportunity to own videos, photos or directly experience their favorite creators.” Although the company says it is cautious about the meta version on which Facebook (Meta) has built its future, they are cautious when describing specific things about NFT blockchain technology. Neal Mohan also added that the platform “will work to improve the interactivity of games to make them look much livelier and turn virtual worlds into reality for viewers.”